Terracota Floor Tiles

Terracotta floor tiles are known for their reddish brown colour, which creates a warm and inviting look in any space.

Made from fired unglazed clay, terracotta tiles are the ideal way to create a traditional, rustic or Mediterranean look.

Advantages of terracotta floor tiles

Terracotta floor tiles are very durable and can withstand heavy footfall without breaking, chipping or fading. This means they look great for a long time, and maintenance costs will be minimal.

Terracotta tiles need to be sealed to protect against staining, discolouration and cracks. But once sealed they can be used in outdoor spaces as well as indoors.

Once the terracotta tiles are sealed, they are very easy to clean. They are water resistant and so any dirt can be easily removed by mopping.

As terracotta tiles are made from natural clay, they are a very eco-friendly option, and are non-toxic and fire resistant.

Terracotta’s rich colours instantly make a room feel warm and inviting. Terracotta tiles are available in many shapes, sizes and patterns. Traditional and modern designs are available.

Fitting terracotta floor tiles

Terracotta floor tiles require professional fitting. Hamilton Commercial Flooring fit flooring throughout the UK and Ireland, taking care of all prep work, fitting and finishing. We can advise on budgets and deadlines to find the best terracotta tiles for your space.

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