Stone Tiles

Stone tiles have long been a mark of quality. Becoming increasingly popular in recent years, stone flooring and stone floor tiles area stylish option that lasts.

Although seen as a more luxurious choice, the cost of natural stone has decreased in recent years, making stone flooring more accessible than ever. Combine this with the large range of shades and designs to choose from, and it becomes an ideal option for many commercial spaces.

Our customers have found that any concerns about the initial price of stone flooring are outweighed by how good it looks and how hard wearing it is. The investment is great quality stone flooring now will give great results for many years.

For interior flooring, we offer limestone, marble, travertine, granite and slate. Stone flooring is available in a range of earth tones, ranging from cream and beige to dark brown.

Natural stone tiles can also be used in wet rooms. To do this, they must be tiled onto a properly fitted tanking system and sealed in the correct manner. See our Tanking Systems for more information.

Many assume that stone flooring is always cold, but this is not the case. Stone is great at transferring heat, and can retain heat for a long time. In a heated building, stone flooring will usually be a couple of degrees below the temperature of the room. For extra heat retention, make sure the sub floor is well insulated.

Benefits of stone flooring

Stone flooring can completely transform the look of a room. As it is natural, every floor is unique and has its own character.

As well as looking great, stone tiles have many practical advantages:

  • Hard wearing and long lasting
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • High quality look and feel
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Many shades and designs to choose from
  • Brand name stone tiles are available

In addition to these, stone flooring is incredibly hard to damage. It requires diamonds to cut stone so wear and tear is not a concern. Over time, footsteps on the floor will create a patina in the stone; each floor will develop its own patina, making it very characteristic.

Fitting stone flooring

Our experienced team can fit stone flooring and stone tiles to a professional finish. We use brand name adhesive specially designed to work on stone flooring. After fitting we add a sealant, which is a protective layer that makes the stone flooring very low maintenance and easy to clean.

A concrete sub floor is perfect for laying stone flooring. We take care of all sub floor prep before installing your new stone flooring.

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