Epoxy Resin GROUT

Epoxy grout is an extremely hard wearing grout. It has grown in popularity for high specification jobs that demand greater reliability. This is because epoxy resin is easy to maintain and clean, and can be used in almost all tile applications.

Regular grout is highly porous in nature and easily absorbs grease and dirt. Epoxy grout is non-porous, and so doesn’t absorb any contaminant. This makes it almost completely stain proof. It also means epoxy grout is very easy to clean, requiring just the removal of grime and dirt.

Epoxy grout also has an advantage in that it doesn’t need sealing like regular grout does. As epoxy isn’t porous, there’s no need to seal it.

Compared to standard grout, epoxy grout is much more hard wearing. It is a two-part grout used mainly in food preparation areas or industrial environments that are prone to chemicals. Epoxy grout is acid resistant and can be safely used in swimming pools, kitchens, labs and anywhere hygiene is essential.

Benefits of epoxy grout

Epoxy resin grouts:

  • Are extremely durable
  • Have minimal shrinkage, allowing full contact and support
  • Have a high resistance to chemical products
  • Have a strong adhesion to concrete and steel
  • Are very easy to clean and maintain

Epoxy grout needs to be installed with extra care as improper application can cause problems. If epoxy grout dries on the surface of tiles it can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and can in some cases damage the tiles. Our team of fitters are experienced in proper installation, ensuring a finish that is low maintenance and looks great.

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