Priming & Latexing

Before fitting any flooring, it is essential that floor preparation is done properly.

Taking the time to get this right now will ensure a perfect finish – with no bumps, ridges or other problems arising. Not only that, the better quality the sub floor, the longer your flooring will last.

As part of the floor preparation, our team check the moisture levels of any subfloor. If the moisture is above 75% relative humidity (RH), it is imperative that the floor either be left to dry out, or a damp proof membrane installed.

The first step in floor preparation is to clean the floor, making sure that all dust and dirt is removed.


The next step is to use a quality primer. The primer is a bonding agent, and can be applied onto concrete and timber sub floors. This acts as a bond between the sub floor and the latex that we will apply next. It’s crucial that a floor is properly primed, as the primer acts as an adhesive that will prevent the latex lifting from the floor.


The final stage before fitting your new flooring is to ensure that the floor is completely level. The latex is a self levelling compound that our professional team apply and level out before leaving to dry.

If latex screed is to be applied to a power floated floor slab, for example if a surface damp proof membrane is to be incorporated, then the screed should be at the manufacturer's recommended thickness of a minimum 3mm.

If the latex is applied too thinly, then any moisture from subsequent flooring adhesive that is applied has nowhere to go, as there isn’t enough depth of latex to absorb the liquid. The result is de-bonding of the latex from the subfloor, and the breakdown of the whole flooring system.

Professional fitting

Hamilton Commercial Flooring’s expert team has over 25 years’ experience fitting flooring. We are the experts when it comes to floor preparation, priming and latexing. The exact requirements and methods used to prepare, prime and latex your floor will depend on the environment, type of floor to be fitted and the usage. We have worked on commercial flooring in every industry, including leisure, retail and commerce. Whatever the job, we will advise on priming and latexing to maximise the longevity of your flooring.

We promote quality in all we do, and use brand name products including F-Ball and Altro.

We’re experts in floor preparation, priming and latexing – speak to us about your requirements today