Shot Blasting & Grinding

Whatever type of flooring you choose, it is essential that the subfloor be properly prepared before it is fitted. This ensures a perfect finish, and will also extend the life of your flooring. Shot blasting and diamond grinding are carried out prior to floor prep in order to remove old, stubborn flooring adhesives. If these are left it can cause self levelling compounds or adhesives to fail due to contamination.

Shot blasting

Shot blasting is the most common methods of prep for concrete floors. It’s a very efficient, environmentally friendly technique to remove old adhesives and paint. It involves using a machine which blasts a large number of small steel balls towards the floor, in a controlled pattern. The steel balls are then drawn back into the machine to be used again.

The benefits of shot blasting are:

  • No water or chemicals are used
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Virtually no dust is left behind
  • It’s very fast
  • It’s cost effective due to its speed
  • It’s suitable for rough and eroded concrete floors, as well as new floor slabs

Diamond grinding

Like shot blasting, diamond grinding is very environmentally friendly. It involves using a diamond grinder with grit sanding pads to remove imperfections and restore a concrete floor. Many counter-rotating blades move over the floor at a pace slower than shot blasting. Diamond grinding is very effective in removing carpet glue and adhesives, particularly when layers have built up over time.

The benefits of diamond grinding are:

  • It produces a smooth, uniform finish
  • Little dust is generated
  • It’s very effective in removing soft materials, high build coatings and multiple coats of paint

Our team professionally use shot blasting or diamond grinding to ensure a contaminant-free surface before we prep the floor.

Speak to us to see whether shot blasting or diamond grinding is right for your floor.