Damp Proof Membrane

Damp proofing is essential to prevent moisture passing into interior spaces.

Damp proof membrane, or DPM as it is known, is a selective barrier that stops moisture passing. DPM has fast become a quick and reliable way to damp proof flooring.

If damp gets in, it can destroy good quality flooring. Joints can split, vinyl flooring can blister and lift, and many other problems arise. Moisture can degrade even the best adhesives, causing issues with joints. That’s why it is vital to ensure a good quality damp proof membrane is used.

Older buildings without integral damp proof membrane are a common source of damp problems, especially when old flooring is removed and new flooring laid. Even the best adhesives don’t provide an effective moisture barrier. Hamilton Commercial Flooring can test the moisture levels, and determine where action needs to be taken.

Sometimes the best answer is to let the floor dry naturally. But in many cases, especially with commercial buildings, time constraints don’t allow for this, and the new flooring needs to be installed as soon as possible. This is where we can offer a range of damp proof membrane solutions, some which need only a single coat application – meaning your new flooring can be fitted sooner, and downtime is minimised.

Taking the time to assess whether damp proof membrane is required at the start of a project can be a huge saver in the long run – in terms of both cost and time.

Fast Track DPM

Sometimes deadlines are tight and there isn’t a lot of time to allow damp proof membranes to dry out properly. That’s why we offer fast track solutions. Certain brands we use are designed for fast-track installation, with the ability to be used over green concrete, that allow levelling and smoothing compounds to be used the same day.

Damp proof membrane installation

With over 25 years’ experience in flooring, Hamilton Commercial Flooring are the specialists when it comes to installing damp proof membrane. You can trust our professional advice on where DPM is needed and the best type to use for long lasting results.

We use brand names, including AltroProof SoloTM. Offering protection in up to 97% relative humidity (99.9% theoretical), the AltroProof collection is ideal for fast-track installation (over green concrete) and for refurbishment projects (on existing substrates).

We have installed damp proof membrane in all industries, and in new, existing and retrofit buildings.

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