Ditra Matting

Hamilton Commercial Flooring is an official fitter of DITRA matting.

Schlüter-Systems manufacture a range of mattings and membranes designed to waterproof and protect tiled installations from lateral movement, cracked substrates and water penetration. Schlüter DITRA 25, known as DITRA matting, is recognised as the best in the industry thanks to its waterproofing and crack isolation properties.

DITRA matting has been an established solution for uncoupling and bonded waterproofing for over 25 years. DITRA matting prevents reflective cracks that are caused by lateral movement, shrinkage cracks and board joints. It’s suitable for use under all types of tiles, including ceramic, stone, porcelain and mosaic.

Crack isolation matting


Aside from its first rate waterproof properties, DITRA matting can be used as crack matting. If your sub floor has cracks, then installing DITRA matting can stop the cracks transferring to surface tiles.

Fixing tiles onto a problem sub floor has always been problematic. You risk the tiles not staying in place, the grout cracking and other problems. If the costs of fully preparing the sub floor are too high, then using DITRA matting is a lower cost way to give great results and keep the flooring looking great.

Why use DITRA matting?

The advanced design and properties of DITRA matting makes it one of the most preferential options on the market. DITRA matting has many benefits, including:

Decouples floor coverings from substrates

Provides a first rate waterproof membrane

Bridges cracks

Proven reputation for effectiveness

Suitable for use in commercial areas

Designed for tile and natural stone installations

Cost effective

Takes little time to install

Properties of DITRA matting


DITRA matting uncouples the floor covering from the substrate and neutralises the tensions between the substrate and the tile covering that result from the varying deformations of the materials. Likewise, stress cracks in the substrate are bridged and are, therefore, not transferred to the surface covering.


DITRA matting is a waterproof polyethylene membrane with a relatively high vapour diffusion density. When the joints, floor to wall transitions and connections to fixtures are correctly installed, DITRA matting creates a waterproof assembly with the tile covering,

Equalisation of vapour pressure

The interconnected air channels between the cavities on the underside of DITRA matting remain open. This allows moisture in the substrate to evaporate, therefore neutralising vapour pressure.

Load distribution (load impact)

The bottom of the square cavities in DITRA matting, which are filled with thin-bed adhesive, directly transfer the load impact on the tile covering to the substrate. As a consequence, tile coverings installed on top of the DITRA matting are highly load resistant. If high traffic loads are expected, the tiles selected for the installation must be of an appropriate thickness and pressure stability, which we can advise on.

Adhesive properties

Due to the bonding of the anchoring fleece into the thin-bed adhesive on the underside and the mechanical anchoring of the adhesive in the cut back cavities, DITRA matting achieves a good adhesion of the tile covering to the substrate. This makes DITRA matting perfect for floor coverings.

Installing DITRA matting

We professionally install DITRA matting to Schlüter’s own high specification. Our expert team are trained to the highest standards, and will be able to offer advice and guidance on timelines and any questions you may have.

DITRA matting – the market leader in waterproofing and crack matting. Talk to us about your project.