Eastgate Shopping Centre, Leicester

McDonald’s Leicester underwent a full refit in 2015. After hearing about Hamilton Commercial Flooring through word of mouth, we were contracted to complete the work in a timeframe of 5 weeks.

The main contractor already had the materials to complete the job, so we worked on a fit-only basis supplying just the trim needed.

We worked closely with the main contractor to carefully fit wall and floor tiling as well as back of house vinyl, to ensure a quality finish that matched spec exactly. In the kitchen and customer toilets we fitted wall and floor tiles, and at the entrance we installed entrance matting complete with non slip carborundum safety strips.

The ceramic tiles were cut with a CNC machine to achieve the exact sizes and form the figure of 8 pattern detailed in the architect’s plans. Using the CNC machine also ensured a clean cut, giving a professional finish.

The seating areas were surrounded by timber flooring, contrasting the ceramic tiles and giving a distinct and modern look.

The architect’s design was very specific, with this branch having the first flooring and wall pattern of its kind. As you can see from the photos, the colourful wall design bled down onto the tiles – not a problem for our professional fitters, who skilfully worked to the architect’s plans.

We also undertook all prep work, including priming, latexing and self levelling prior to installation. Our team worked to programme, completing the job within the 5 week timescale.

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